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Does a house in a persons estate have to be sold/ 2.9.2013• Reviewed At

…before money in the bank can be received by the…

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I am 59yrs old this year and would like to know when I can officially retire and receive state pension./ 25.8.2013• Reviewed At

You can check this information directly by using our online calculator which will give you the precise date of your State Pension entitlements.

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I currently pay 15% of salary into company pension/ 25.8.2013• Reviewed At

…which is £357gross £286 net with income tax allowance. The company contribute 5% which is £119 per month. Is it worth decreasing my pension contributions and saving the saved amount into the ISAs.

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Who still provides deferred annuities?/ 25.8.2013• Reviewed At

We have been asked for help by a prospective client who is struggling to find a provider of deferred annuities. The enquirer is charged with winding up a tiny final salary scheme which has only two members left.

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I have 2 small pensions with Aviva. One matured but I have left in but am now thinking of drawing it./ 24.8.2013• Reviewed At

What amount of pension could I draw from this?

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Our daughter is 23 years old and earns below the threshold to pay national insurance as she works 16 hours a week on min wage./ 24.8.2013• Reviewed At

…We would like to know what happens about her state pension, would she get any? if not is there anything we can do to help her build up her credits for later in life.

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I am 61 next birthday. I have a small L&G personal pension (fund aprox £5000) a small RAF pension, but no other occupational pension./ 23.8.2013• Reviewed At

…I now have the chance of going into our works Stakeholder pension, but is it worth it ?

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