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www.PensionCalculator.org is a free independent Pension & Annuity information resource.

Our goal is to help individuals and families of every age and walk in life, to better understand and prepare for their later years and retirement.

www.PensionCalculator.org was established with the vision of providing the most thorough and complete independent overview of the options and services available within the Pension and Retirement sector.

www.PensionCalculator.org is dedicated to providing a simple, uninfluenced, truthful, balanced take on all subjects Pension and Retirement related.

The information within the site is for general guidance and is not to be taken as ‘financial advice’.

When it comes to matters of Finance, very often your own personal circumstances will differ from others around you, so we at www.PensionCalculator.org will always urge our users to seek advice from qualified regulated professionals.


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