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Our daughter is 23 years old and earns below the threshold to pay national insurance as she works 16 hours a week on min wage./ 24.8.2013• A. Velasco• Posted At 12:00 PM

…We would like to know what happens about her state pension, would she get any? if not is there anything we can do to help her build up her credits for later in life. We would like to help her get things sorted as we know at her age thinking about a pension is the last thing on her mind. Thank you. S.Green (Mrs)

IFA Steve says:

To qualify for a full state pension your daughter will need to pay or be credited with full national insurance contributions for 30 years. As she is 23 years old her state pension age will be 68 so you may want to see what her scenario is when she is 38? However if you do want to do something now what you can do is to pay class 3 national insurance contributions. Can I suggest you go to: and investigate the “Voluntary NI contribution planner” to see if you think its worthwhile, you need to click on online planner in the top left corner first.

Hope this helps, please find my full details below, regards, Steve

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IFA Richard says:

Dear Susan,

There are many ways to build up entitlement to state support in retirement, please follow the link below for information on this topic and within this site you can see which may be applicable to your daughter:

There are also ways that you can help build up funds for her retirement through a private pension for example, if you would like to discuss this further please contact me on the direct details below.

Kind regards,

Richard Rogers DipFA
Financial Adviser
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