Annuity Calculator Recommendations

Our Independent Annuity Rates Calculator is designed to give you an ‘idea’ – an ‘estimate’ to put your Annuity Rate expectations upon the right level.

Complete our Annuity Calculator below in 30 seconds to get an idea of your potential Annuity Rate

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People often struggle to fathom how much of an annual Annuity income their Pension pot is worth.

There are also a multitude of Annuity affecting variables to keep in mind as well – do you have serious health problems? Are you a Smoker? Do you want to provide for a spouse? Do you want to protect your income against inflation? All of these could affect the amount you are offered.

Keep in mind that unless you have an FSA authorised IFA take on your case – you may lose out on the best Annuity Rate available for your personal circumstances.


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