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Self-select ISAs

What are self-select ISAs?

Self-select ISAs are similar to Stocks and Shares ISAs which help you save tax as well as invest in stocks and shares.

The same rules for Stocks and Shares ISAs apply to Self-select ISAs. For example, you will have to be over 18 and a UK resident to apply for such an account. Please check our section on Stocks and Shares ISAs for more information.

What are the difference between stocks and shares ISAs and Self-Select ISAs?

As there are different levels of risks involved in investing in the stock market, with self-select ISAs, you decide your own investment strategy and manage your own risks by yourself.

How can I invest in stocks and shares by myself?

Once you have opened a stocks and shares ISA, you will be given the options to choose from. You can either put your money in a fund being managed by experienced fund managers or decide how you would like to invest by yourself.

What are the key benefits of Self-select ISAs?

  • You will enjoy the full benefits of Stocks and Shares ISAs
  • You put yourself  in the driver seat for your own fortune
  • You can buy or sell shares and stocks whenever you wish
  • There is less fee you have to pay for a stocks and shares ISA

Where can I get self-select ISAs?

The majority of people will apply for self-select ISAs as well as monitor the growth rate of their investments online.  With a self-select ISA, there are introduced to a world of investment opportunities with different types of equities for you to choose. For example, the growing popularity of online fund supermarket has given self-select investors more choices than ever before.

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