Planning Retirement Working Past SPA – a Popular option

Working Passed Retirement Age – a Popular Option

Pensioners are no longer obliged to or thought to remain inactive in the world of work. Many people at the current state pension age of 65 in the UK either cannot afford to give up work entirely or simply wish to keep working out of choice in order to stay active and maintain a constant contact with the outside world. There are a number of activities or jobs a pensioner can undertake without there being too many responsibilities or too much hard work.

Fear of being inactive after retirement

As the age required for state pension continues to increase so does the age for working past retirement. Currently, the percentage of people aged from 50 to retirement age is 10%, an approximate total of 6 million.

Whilst many people fear the thought of doing nothing after their retirement, there is a number of working options for those who wish to continue being active despite being retired.


Those who do not wish to continue earning an income or believe that they have enough money saved to their pension may consider working voluntarily for charity shops, animal shelters or pensioners’ homes with the wish to help others have a better or improved life.

Along with shop and charity work, the Samaritans are frequently looking for helpers so this may also be an option for after-retirement work and, as it is usually only part-time, pensioners needn’t worry about having to work for long hours against their wishes.

Paid Work

B&Q and Tesco are just two of the popular places for pensioners to work should they wish to continue earning an income by working. The income may be for themselves to be assured that they can survive or some money put to the side for their family.

According to anti-discrimination laws passed in 2006, those who work after retirement are not to be placed in specific categories. Due to this, people now have the option to continue working in the same position and/or company as they were before retirement. With this in place there is a chance of less worry near or on the time of retirement.

Age Limit too low

With the age limit for retirement being at 65, some pensioners feel that this is too low an age and to survive they must continue working beyond this age. A report by the charity Age UK showed that over 100,000 people were forced to retire last year against their will despite the obligation that employers have to take any requests to continue working into consideration.

Cancellation of state pension

Those who are already claiming state pension have the choice to cancel this pension and choose to return to employment only once. Once the pension has been cancelled, rates of the pension or lump sum will depend on how long the pension has been cancelled for.


Another popular choice for after-retirement work is for one to become self-employed. With a lack of labourers today, people may earn an income by charging for their hobbies which may include, but are not limited to: carpentry, metal-work or vehicle maintenance.


When approaching retirement it is important to give your future serious consideration, assess how much regular income you will have coming in, the size of the out goings, which include mortgage, utilities, and others, and what kind of life style you wish to have – with this all in mind, you can then make a sensible decision regarding whether or not staying in work is right for you.


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