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Ask the Experts – I have £250,000 to invest/ 31.3.2014• Jami Maree Lock• Posted At 02:05 PM

Q. I have £250,000 to invest which I would like an income from what is your advice. Thanks Peter

A: Hi Peter – To give advice on this there are lots of factors which need to be taken into consideration, such as accessibility, attitude to risk, capacity for loss, taxation, age and family situation to name but a few. Therefore it’s not possible to give a standard answer, as what’s right for one person is not right for the next and there are lots of options available and as an Independent Financial Adviser I need to assess the whole market for the best advice for you . Please find enclosed my contact details below if you would like to discuss this further to find the best and most appropriate option for your own circumstances, regards, Steve

Steve Weisner Dip PFS, BSc (hons)
Independent Financial Adviser
Radcliffe & Newlands
3rd Floor,
14 Bonhill Street,

Other Questions.

Q. I have two AVIVA policies (valued @ £82,000) which are due to mature mid December 2016. AVIVA tell me that both have an investment return of 4.4% per year with an inflation rate of 2.5%. I pay £130 per month premium. I am of the opinion that it will be more economically viable to take the transfer values now as I feel that by investing independently I will receive a far better return in the medium term. Whilst I may lose a certain amount between now and maturity I believe that I will benefit by eliminating further premium payments, the deduction of AVIVA annual costs and expenses (an unknown amount). At the same time I can look to the prospects of a better rate of return (last year @ 9% on other investments). I was told that AVIVA build in the final bonuses into the Transfer value (not sure about this!). Can you calculate what the loss might be on maturity taking in the factors that I have provided? Any comments or views on this? Regards Steve

A: I can help with this but I will need more details and would need to write to Aviva on your behalf to find this out, and to do this I’d need your written authority……More



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