Pension Release – Pros and Cons

Pension Release – Pros and Cons

If you do not need to, releasing cash from your pension may not be the best thing for your long-term finances. However, if the need arises, you can usually release up to 25% of your pension fund, tax free. If the immediate need for cash is serious, there are ways in which you can release the maximum amount of cash. Income can be taken immediately or left to a later date and will be taxed as earned income. If you do this, the rest of your pension fund must be used to provide an ongoing income.

Unlock your pension with Open Door have teamed up with the qualified financial advisers at Open Door Pension Release Services.

Open Door ensure you are provided with all of the information you need to make an informed decision on whether releasing money from your pension is the right move for you.

They will source you advice which is of the highest standard and offered in a way which is both informative and easy to understand.

All of your personal circumstances are taken into account to ensure you are provided with every option available. Open Door specialise in pension release cases. That enables them to ensure the service you receive is of the highest quality.

Please feel free to fill in our enquiry form. We look forward to helping you as much as we can. This service is completely free and there is no obligation to pursue your enquiry.


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You are aged 55 or over.
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Pension Release is only suitable for a very limited number of people and should be only taken as a last resort.

Taking money from your pension now will reduce the amount of income available to you at retirement.

This service applies to UK pensions only.

Releasing your pension – Pros

  • You can have access to a tax free lump sum for emergency use.
  • Pension release can be a lifeline where there are no other means of raising money

Releasing your pension – Cons

  • You are likely to be worse off in retirement.
  • Unlocking your pension should not be seen as an easy option for raising cash.
  • Pension release is not suitable for everyone.

Whether you decide to release income from your pension now via Pension Release or Pension Unlocking or defer taking it until some point in the future, you’ll also have a choice about how your income is paid.

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Release tax free cash with Open Doors ‘Triple A’ Service
Pension Release Analysis
We will research your existing pension(s), the benefits you may be entitled to and gather all the relevant information and paperwork regarding these policies.
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Unlock your pension Advice
Our qualified advisors will provide you with a comprehensive report based on your circumstances, so you fully understand the transfer process.
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Action your tax free cash
When you proceed based on our advice we will handle all of the necessary admin and correspondence on your behalf whilst keeping you updated every step of the way.
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