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Kickstarter Conundrum: Just 10% of Crowfunding Campaigns Run by Women/ 2.5.2013• A. Velasco• Posted At 01:59 PM

According to figures from crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, women are responsible for over 40 percent of all successful crowdfunding campaigns and receive more money overall towards their goal.

However, women are being thwarted, perhaps by their own fears, from this rich pool of investment capital that could make the dreams of female entrepreneurs everywhere come true.

While women who seek crowdfunding have largely been wildly successful, just 10 percent of all people seeking crowdfunding are women. That means the field of people taking advantage of social media, snagging ‘armchair investors’, and building buzz about their products through crowdfunding is 90 percent male.

Thoughts from a business woman

To answer the question of why so few women go for crowdfunding via websites like Crowdcube, IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, we talked to mother and entrepreneur Marilu Wren, who sought crowdfunding for her line of children’s outdoor apparel Ocky Olly.

Wren said: “I can understand why only 10% of women would consider crowdfunding. I think it’s a combination of wanting to prove that we can do it without anyone’s help and also an ingrained belief that big, successful companies are run by men.”

She said that for inspiration, she looks to other female-run businesses “like Cuddledry, that are now international, and run by a business woman. I know that I have the right product, an innovative future range in the pipeline and the determination to follow in her footsteps.”

Seeking inspiration from ‘mumpreneurs’ like the founders of Cuddledry and Ocky Olly, which won a Best New Business Award, can help mums see that they can find ways to ‘have it all’ – a family, a career and successful business – as well.

Perception of women in the workplace

While a life of working for your own success, rather than someone else’s, may seem glamorous, Wren is quick to point out that it’s sometimes difficult to navigate the business world as a woman.

“I have felt at pains to explain to business contacts I meet that I am not a housewife who fancies seeing her product on the shelf, but am an entrepreneur who has set up a business that I plan to make a success,” she said in an interview with

However, old fashioned gender perceptions won’t hold her back from succeeding in business, especially as she understands her products and consumers intimately.

“Whether I get taken seriously as a female entrepreneur or not I can’t say. But in my business, the fact that I am a mother who is designing for children is a huge bonus. Not only do I understand my end user, but I am my target audience too!” said Wren.

Arabela Velasco of CompareJuniorISA, a leading children’s savings website, also had words of encouragement for women, especially mums, to follow their dreams through crowdfunding. “It’s encouraging to hear that over 40 percent of successful crowdfunding campaigns are run by women, but shocking that we only make up 10 percent of all campaigns! Websites like Crowdcube, IndieGoGo and the like allow women – especially mums looking for a flexible new business venture – the opportunity of a lifetime. If not for you, think of how much your business could benefit your child, bringing in money for their Junior ISA and future university fund.” 


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    posted on 03 May 2013 is a mentor and crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs. We are working diligently to unlock capital for women entrepreneurs through crowdfunding.

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