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Paul Daniels: Wishing He Could Re-Start 2012/ 18.3.2012• Rajan Chagger• Posted At 09:00 PM

It’s not been long since Paul Daniels sawed off his finger tip, but it seems as if his luck has not improved as the magician has found himself back in hospital with gallstones. 2012 has not been the fresh start the entertainer would have wanted, and things have really not improved since he has had to cancel some of his tour dates early this month.

DIY accident

A DIY accident with a circular saw left him with a mangled hand, and this was followed by the 73 year old struggling with stomach pain. Daniels revealed that he had never suffered from indigestion, so his current problem has caught him out of the blue.

He had to call paramedics to his house in Wargrave, Berkshire, which he shares with his wife of 33 years Debbie McGee.

Within three days of sawing his finger off he had to go to hospital to deal with getting his gallbladder removed, extreme precaution so that he tour was not jeopardised by his problem.

He was nervous about losing one of his organs but after discussions with doctors he felt it was the correct course of action. His brother also suffered with problems with his gallbladder, and Daniels revealed that it has been a problem that runs in his family.

Back when entertainers were big on mainstream TV Paul Daniels was able to attract 15 million viewers to an episode of his show. Three decades on from those days, he remains the most famous magician in the UK.

With a recurrence of the gallbladder problem at the start of this month the magician was forced to pull out of some of his shows.

He has also recently revealed that he borrowed his name Paul from his first son who was born in 1960. Paul Daniels was actually born Newton Edward Daniels, but he said that Paul was a much better name for show business.

Continuing his tour

Whatever people think of Daniels he has gone on to become one of Britain’s most well know entertainers, bringing his own mix of comedy and magic to the homes of the British public.

After his recent troubles he was back on form and continuing his tour. He was ready to pick on audience members to help him create a contemporary magic show, in which he used tricks that many other magicians have forgotten but with a modern twist.

There show is from an older era where magicians had a glamorous magician, a quirk lost to modern more mysterious magicians.

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